sound recordist: Joe Knauer
phone/fax: +43 (2242) 311 61
mobile: +43 (664) 11 22 132

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 Joe Knauer

Born as the third child in a house of musicians, I grew up in the middle of the European Alps. I´ve got in touch with sounds, nature and mountains from childhood on. I am an expert in mountaineering, skiing and several other sports that can be done in the Alps. After I graduated as an electric engineer, I worked in different jobs - land measuring, first aid man, construction worker and finally electrician.
Meanwhile another passion came up to my mind and together with some friends I started to explore the world, learned Spanish, traveled through Europe and did my first expeditions. By mountain bike I went through Iceland in 1989 through Fireland and Patagonia in 1991 and through Pakistan´s Northern Provinces in 1993. At the end I took all these talents together and became an assistant cameraman. I worked with MII, Beta SP, Digital Beta, DV Cam, 16mm Arri SR, 16mm Aaton and 35mm Arri 2C.
Two years later I started recording sound, and up to now I´ve been recording sounds for many films all over the world. I´ve done commercials and feature films and many documentary and wildlife films in very remote areas. I like to work in small teams and it comes handy that I know how to operate cameras of all kinds. Additionally I offer my experience in operating a camera crane, I offer my climbing skills and my competence in construction. Any rope work (guarding the camera crew up on a high tree or secure them in a wall of rock) or building platforms 150 feet up a tree and surrounded by seventy beehives, can be done by me. My vast experience in expeditions made many production companies to choose me for their team.


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